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About Me

Even when I was little I created my own worlds. What began with playing LEGOs in the 90ies continued with a degree in mechanical engineering. As an engineer, I occupy myself daily with the symmetry in things surrounding us, with the ideal world we construct.

But this wasn't enough for me. I didn't only want to build the world around me technically, I wanted to change the world in a more profound way. That's when I picked up a camera and started to do what engineers do: Creating new things, a new reality.

It all began with a lantern that became an alien animal. Far away from home, I took a picture of a seemingly normal lamp but then I discovered the power of reflection. Between Japanese Teppanyaki and traditional Kabuki theater, a strange object came into existence.

This was the inception of my art.

Be intrigued, be astonished, be moved. Enjoy my pictures.


My Exhibitions and Awards

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